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We are proud to announce that Garvin students met federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Standards in Language Arts and Mathematics from 2006 through 2011 with one exception (Language Arts/Literacy in 2011).  In 2012, student performance in Language Arts increased significantly while performance in Mathematics regressed, causing us to miss the State Target in Mathematics for the first time in seven years in 2012.  In light of these results, we will continue to require students in grades three, four and five to do Writing Prompts in the NJ ASK format every weekend and continue to take other steps which led to the improvements in performance we experienced in 2012.  In the area of Mathematics, we plan to ensure that our full time Mathematics Tutor works with students grouped according to their skills and utilize computation exercises on a regular basis to strengthen our students' knowledge of multiplication tables.  Our focus is Mathematics will be on consistent practice and the development of problem solving skills.   

In Language Arts, we continue to use the Four Tier Model of Instruction for Literacy for students in grades 1-5.  Every student's progress is assessed at regular intervals and instructional decisions are made based on data generated by those assessments.  A new Writing Curriculum was created in 2012.  It correlates highly with the Core Curriculum Content Standards and addresses Narrative, Expository and Opinion forms of Writing.  

At Garvin, every classroom teacher at every grade level (PK-5) provides the parents of their students with a written report on academic and behavioral progress every week. This initiative solicits parental support for all instructional and behavioral modification efforts and truly enables our parents to work with us as partners in the education of our students.  An extensive, multi-page Newsletter (the Garvin Times) is published and distributed to all students, parents and staff members on the last school day of every month.  

At Garvin, parents, teachers and support staff work together cohesively to maximize our students' prospects for success.